The ground-breaking conference is back.

Australia’s first circular economy conference is back for a second year. In 2017 Powering the change attracted delegates from every state and territory, and 9 different countries.

Don’t miss Powering the change 2018:

  • International speakers

  • Local solutions

  • More opportunities to connect

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For business … be inspired by international and Australian business leaders in circular economy, meet experts and partners who can help your projects come alive, and connect with policy makers.

For researchers … connect with Australian and international businesses and policy makers, discover new initiatives, and share your expertise.

For policy makers … engage with leading researchers and industry players in the one place, hear how environmental and economic agendas are connecting across the globe, discover how to bring cutting edge collaboration to your jurisdiction.


About the conference

Powering the change was the first Australasian conference entirely dedicated to the challenges of implementing the circular economy.

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About Circular Economy

It’s good for business and good for the economy, with the potential to save material costs, stimulate growth and boost jobs, all while reducing environmental impacts. So how do we define 'circular economy'?

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