Mathew Creese, Chief Scientist and Head of R&D

Eenee designs (TASMANIA)

Mathew Crees_EeneeDesignsTAS.jpg

Mathew Creese is leading and promoting the circular economy work at Eenee Designs, an Australian company with a revolutionary approach to disposable baby and adult products. 

Through their patented system, Eenee have been able to create compostable disposable products allowing a circular end-of-life option compared to the standard linear disposal pathways.

With a physics and analytical chemistry background, Mathew’s unique perspective has ensured the continuous development of products and the pushing of boundaries – including regulations that were not drafted to anticipate such products.

At Powering the change, Mathew will provide insight into a company that has been on the ground with a commercial product pushing the boundaries as circular economy emerges in Australia, and the 'war on waste' gathers momentum.

Matthew Creese will be speaking at the session: Disrupters: transforming business with circular solutions.