Phillip White, Founder


Passionate about travel, sustainability, education and inspiring the next generation of ecopreneurs, Phil has 10 years' experience in senior management in large public and private sector organisations.

Turning his back on his career, he started Fungimental, an urban mushroom farm growing exotic mushrooms on coffee waste. This got him on the radar of Coca-Cola who then funded him as the Co-Founder, Circular Economy, where he is poised to tackle Coke's biggest global challenges in sustainability.

Phill has now created BlockCycle ( a world-first platform, powered by blockchain technology, that matches problem data from big business to solution data from entrepreneurs, industry, and research and educational institutes.

As a trusted data partner BlockCycle offers Circular Economy as a Service (CEaaS), helping big business identify, prioritise, execute and scale financially viable circular economy solutions in real time.

Phillip White will be speaking at the session Disrupters: transforming business with circular solutions.