Monique Retamal, Research Principal, Institute for Sustainable Futures

University of Technology Sydney (NEW SOUTH WALES)


Monique Retamal is a Research Principal at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, with ten years’ experience in urban sustainability research. She is completing an interdisciplinary PhD at ANU on the prospects for emerging business models such as the sharing economy and collaborative consumption to contribute to sustainable consumption goals in Southeast Asia.

Prior to her PhD studies, Monique specialised in urban water and sanitation planning for sustainability, both in Australia and overseas. Monique has a keen interest in the development of policies and programs to foster sustainable lifestyles.

At Powering the change, Monique will will share her research into increasing product longevity, with a focus on ‘slowing’ life cycles by repairing, sharing and reusing, as opposed to the current focus on recycling, or ‘closing’ material loops. While technical approaches to product longevity – such as designing for durability and modularity, and enabling repair, reuse and resale – are well established, there are systemic barriers to their implementation, which suggests there is an important role for public policy to drive change.

Monique Retamal will be speaking at the session Catching up to demand: accelerating circular solutions for electronics.