Blake Lindley, Senior Sustainability Consultant


Blake is a Senior Sustainability Consultant at Edge Environment specialising in waste, resource recovery and its practical application to business processes.  

As a passionate environmentalist Blake emphasizes the delivery of behavioural change in the projects he works on in order to mobilise an organic shift to a more sustainable economy.

Through his work at Edge Environment, Blake has delivered a range of projects on the circular economy from transactional synergies among businesses to whole of industry reform and explored the variety of business models under which to deliver these along the way.  

Blake Lindley  will be sharing his experience working with the Better Buildings Partnership with the City of Sydney, the NSW EPA and a collective of Australia’s largest property owners. This industry-led initiative resulted in a tripling of material recovery from the refurbishment of commercial office space over just three years.

Blake will share how collaboration has been the key for capturing more of the waste stream, and also developing new materials and recycling systems – and he will also delve into the barriers of getting beyond resource recovery to more systemic solutions.

Blake Lindley will be speaking at the session Reshaping the built environment - part 2.