Dr Eleni Kalantidou, Design Psychologist and Senior Lecturer

Griffith University (QUEENSLAND)


Eleni Kalantidou is a Design Psychologist, researcher and educator.

Eleni's research is focused on developing a new understanding of design psychology deriving from an amalgamation of design and psychology related to un/sustainable ways of being, reconfiguring humans’ material and technological dependence ,and comprehending risk in conditions of unsettlement.

Repair is at the centre of her research activities through the funded projects ‘Handled with care’ and ‘Handling e-waste with care’, publications, workshops, curatorial and community work. 'Handled with care' is an Australia-based project aimed at creating conditions of repairing, sharing and responsibly discarding.

Her publications include the book ‘Design in the borderlands’ (2014), which she co-authored and co-edited. She has also contributed 17 entries to the 'Encyclopaedia of Design' (2015).

At the Powering the change, Eleni will provide an overview of the repair-reuse-sharing platform ‘Handled with care’ and discuss its design philosophy, objectives and future potential.