Mark Fusco, Managing Director

Advanced Focus (SOUTH AUSTRALIA)

MarkFusco AdvancedFocus.jpg

With over 25 years of diverse industry experience, Mark has an extensive knowledge of complex manufacturing processes, technologies and scales of production and a career that spans Australia, Japan, Europe, Africa and the US. He holds a Master of Management (Manufacturing) and is recognised as a ‘Manufacturing Fellow’ at the CSIRO and Industry Affiliate of Flinders University’s Australian Industrial Transformation Institute (AITI).

Mark co-founded Advanced Focus in 2005 with a passion to help companies grow and compete globally by increasing the value they create in their products and services. This is achieved through innovative technologies underpinned by efficient ‘smart factory’ systems, processes and skills. Advanced Focus has worked with a diverse range of Australian and international businesses within the advanced manufacturing, defence, resources, food and agri, and services sectors.

Advanced Focus helps its clients ‘see the future’ by understanding the potential impact and opportunity brought by disruptive technologies, planning new processes, facilities and business models. Through their independent approach, Advanced Focus helps their clients quantify the opportunities to improve both business effectiveness and efficiency using data and real experience to assist in decision making and change support needed to achieve the improvement outcomes.

Mark Fusco will be speaking at the session: Advancing manufacturing: Industry 4.0 and the circular economy.