Kirsty Máté, Director, Interior Design

University of Tasmania (TASMANIA)

Kirsty Máté is Senior Lecturer and Program Director of Interior Design at the University of Tasmania. She has worked in education, research and practice in sustainable design particularly for the commercial sector for over 25 years.

Currently completing a PhD at the University of Tasmania, her thesis focuses on the impact new forms of sustainable consumerism will have on the design of shopping 'scapes'. As part of this research, she created the ongoing Bye Buy! project creating pop-up events in Launceston challenging concepts of consumerism. More recently she explored the transformation of waste materials through the traditional skill of knitting, and edible materials, to further test their use within interiors.

Kirsty is the Director of EcoBalance Sustainable Design, founder of the first Australian sustainable design 'expo' MADE Accountable, former Principal Research & Development Officer for the Centre for Design at RMIT and Councillor for the VIC/TAS Design Institute of Australia.

Kirsty Máté will be speaking at the session Societal approaches to our changing economy.