Justin Frank, Director Marketing, Communications and Corporate Affairs



Justin Frank joined SUEZ in July 2017 as Director Marketing, Communications and Corporate Affairs.

Suez is part of a consortium that has won a ground breaking 12-year contract in the French city of Dijon to manage public facilities across 24 municipalities. This performance contract includes ongoing assessment based on objective result criteria such as 65% energy savings on public lighting.

Justin has 14 years' experience working in circular economies, making networks and supply chains more efficient in order to improve customers' experience. He is passionate about sustainability and innovation for long lasting positive change.

Previously Justin lead the strategy, marketing and sustainability functions for CHEP Australia and New Zealand. In his 13 years in the company, he also worked in account management across Europe before leading the logistics function in the UK and Australia.

At Powering the change, Justin will talk about how a collaborative approach can help achieve more circular cities by improving operations and efficiency, and reducing costs on essential services and utilities.

Justin Frank will be speaking at the session Transforming territories: what the circular economy means for precincts, cities and regions.