Kathryn Bellette, Director Strategy and Assessment


Kathryn Bellette is Director of Strategy and Assessment at the SA EPA, having recently rejoined the SA Government after seven years' teaching at Flinders University. She has a background in environmental science and policy with a long-standing and active interest in the nexus between ecology and economics.

Her career includes 30 years' leading change in cross-portfolio strategic planning, legislative, regulatory and policy change.  She has held both executive and board member roles in both environment and planning/development portfolios of government, and bridges between the two.

She has a particular interest in ‘mainstreaming’ environmental policy and sustainable development policy via whole of government approaches and multi-level governance, working at the interface of different portfolios, sectors and disciplines, including with industry and other stakeholders.    

At Powering the change, Kathryn will share how the water scarce greater Adelaide region has transformed its water management over 30-years to open up new areas for agriculture and industry, while stemming seagrass loss in the Adelaide coastal waters and reducing flood risk.


Kathryn Bellette will be speaking at the session Getting more value out of our water: circular approaches to water management.