Kate Dryden, Executive General Manager Growth


Kate is Executive General Manager Growth at Veolia Australia and New Zealand, where she has worked for 8 years. She is responsible for the creation and execution of growth opportunities for Veolia, leading the development and implementation of the strategy for the organisation that is focused on sustainable outcomes for the communities in which it operates.

Kate leads a team with portfolios and expertise across Veolia’s three areas of operations: water, waste and energy. Passionate about human rights and their intersection with Veolia's activities, with her background as a lawyer, Kate is also fascinated by the regulatory impediments to the implementation of a successful circular economy.

At Powering the change, Kate will talk about examples of the circular economy in action in the water cycle; the role of regulation in their successful implementation; and the UN's sustainable development goals, noting that successful water management plays a pivotal role in beneficial health, education and environmental outcomes.

Kate Dryden will be speaking at the session Getting more value out of our water: circular approaches to water management .