Dr Michael Taylor, Chief Executive Officer


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Michael Taylor is an entrepreneur and mycologist, an expert in the branch of biology focussing on the study of fungi.

He is the founder and owner of Primordia Mushrooms, which grows gourmet mushrooms on low value waste materials that are generally discarded or difficult to use. While most gourmet mushrooms sold in South Australia are imported, Primordia Mushrooms provide a high quality locally grown alternative with a lower carbon footprint.

As a researcher, Michael worked on microbial ecology and detection of legionella and other pathogenic bacteria aerosolised from industrial water systems. He investigated airborne fungi in Adelaide workplaces and lectured at Flinders University where he began a course of research on the use of Australian native fungi in breaking down herbicide residues in intensively farmed soils.

He was also a research fellow on the 'Algae to energy project', a project investigating the operation of two parallel high rate algal ponds at the Western Treatment Plant (Adelaide) to evaluate the performance of algae for wastewater treatment and algae biomass as energy and nutrient sources.

This fungal obsession grew and Michael joined the Adelaide Fungal Studies Group and began cultivating edible and Australian native mushroom species on a range of waste products including coffee grounds and shredded exam papers from his students.

Ultimately Michael was drawn away from pure research and through support from the Willunga Farmers Market, Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges NRM Board and the City of Onkaparinga Council started Primordia Mushrooms.

At Powering the change, you will be able to sample Michael's expertise when he shares his journey from researcher to entrepreneur in the circular economy.