Dr Emina Kristina Petrovic, Lecturer, School of Architecture

Victoria University of Wellington (NEW ZEALAND)

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Emina Kristina Petrovic is a lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington.

Emina’s research focusses on the impacts building materials can have on human health in indoor environments. She emphasises the importance of informed building material selection for both the built and natural environments, calling for a more detailed consideration of building materials for the totality and interrelatedness of their implications (from ecosystem health to ethics of production).

Emina is on the board of editors of the Journal of Green Building. She is co-author of Materials for a Healthy Ecological and Sustainable Built Environment: principles for evaluation, published in April 2017.

At Powering the change, Emina will speak on the possible health impacts of reusing and recycling older or waste materials and the need, as part of a move to circular economy, for comprehensive investigation of likely impacts recycled materials might pose on human and environmental health.

Emina Petrovic will be speaking at the session Risk and reward: understanding and managing new risks of circular economy models.