John Gertsakis, Director of Communications



John Gertsakis is Director of Communications with Equilibrium consultants and provides specialist advice on product stewardship policy and implementation.

He is a sustainability and communications practitioner with over 20 years' experience as an industry adviser, consultant, advocate and research academic. John works on a range of issues covering product stewardship strategy, policy reform and regulatory analysis.

Previously serving as Executive Director of Product Stewardship Australia, John represented global consumer electronics brands and original equipment manufacturers in the detailed development of the Product Stewardship Act 2011. In 1995, he wrote Australia's first report on e-waste recycling, 'Short Circuiting Waste from Electronic Products'.

John was also the Associate Director of the European Union-funded ‘EcoSmart Design Program’ which focussed on supporting industry in both the North and border counties in the Republic of Ireland.  John is an Honorary Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia.

John Gertsakis will be moderating at the session: Catching up to demand: accelerating circular solutions for electronics.