Peter Wadewitz, Managing Director



Peter Wadewitz has focussed on organics recycling for 45 years. From early experiments with mulch, compost and potting mix, his business now goes well beyond its original product lines of organic compost, soil, mulch and top-dressing products for the horticulture and viticulture industries.

A literal hotbed of innovation, Peter's business, Peats' Soil and Garden Supplies, has developed solutions that touch on many stages of the organics recycling process.

Peter invented the 'BiobiN', an on-site capture and containment system, with a patented aeration system that helps businesses (at both central and remote locations), to collect and manage their organic waste.

More recently, Peter and his team have been developing South Australia's first anaerobic digestion process which will extract methane from food scraps and run a turbine to create 'green organic power'. He is also working with the University of Adelaide on a project to create biodiesel from the residual water gathered from food manufacturing locations that will run a fleet of 14 new trucks for the company's collection and delivery arm.

Governments and communities often find managing organic waste presents unique and difficult challenges. At Powering the change, Peter will draw on over four decades of experience in the sector to share his solutions, case studies, and perspectives on the future of organics recycling.

Peter Wadewitz will be speaking at the session Too good to waste: circular food systems.