Getting your bearings at the conference

main assembly building (mab) | tonsley innovation district

The conference is held at the sprawling innovation district at Tonsley, just 20km south of Adelaide's city centre.

The heart of the district is the former 'Main Assembly Building' or 'MAB', under which cafes, urban forests and company premises in custom built 'Pods' can be found. The MAB, is book-ended by two tertiary institutions - Flinders University's building to the north, and TAFE's Sustainable Industries Education Centre to the south.

Many of our sessions will take place in the Flinders University Building, and you will need to head there for our registration and conference opening. When you arrive, head towards MAB GATE 8 (if you come by metro) or MAB GATE 1 (if you arrive by taxi, bus or car) to make your way to the Flinders Building.

We will be hosting an exciting space under the MAB, our conference hub, where you can meet and connect with other conference participants.

The site is wheelchair accessible, showers are available for cyclists, and bike repair kits are also available. There is plenty of on-site parking. The Flinders Building where the conference is hosted also provides male and female prayer rooms.

As we get closer the conference, attendees will receive details on how to get here, amenities, rooms, and other information.

In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.