Built environment double-bill - session previews

Day one of the Powering the change conference features a packed double-bill considering how we can retain and preserve value in buildings, while still accommodating the needs of the future.

session preview: Reshaping our built environment - part one

Why bother reusing buildings when it is cheaper to knock down and start over?How can we design today’s buildings to be ‘material banks’ of the future?

  • Carol Lemmens, Global Management Consulting Business Leader, Arup (Netherlands)
  • Jad Oseyran, Lead - Global Center of Competence, IBM (Netherlands)
  • Matthew Waltho, Sustainability Manager, Tonsley Innovation District, Renewal SA (South Australia)

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session preview: Reshaping our built environment - part two

From better reuse to rethinking how apartments could link in with the circular economy, what is the state of play in Australia – and what new projects will be the standard of tomorrow?

This panel session will explore the challenges of developing the collaborative partnerships that make it possible to do things differently.

  • Blake Lindley, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Edge Environment (NSW)
  • Paul Davy, Director, D Squared Consulting (SA)
  • Dr David Ness, Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Natural and Built Environment UniSA (SA)

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