Speaker spotlights: Amélie Rouvin (Veolia) and Carmel Dollisson (ANZRP)

We're delighted that Amélie Rouvin and Carmel Dollison will be joining us at Powering the change.

Amélie Rouvin, Veolia (FRANCE)

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Amélie Rouvin, Environment & Circular Economy Manager, Veolia, was responsible for defining the environmental objectives plan for Veolia for 2020 and was in charge of the coordination of the Paris Agreement, COP21 on climate change, for the Veolia Group. She is also the Liaison Delegate for Veolia at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

At Powering the change, Amélie will share her insights on how to get started in developing circular economy approaches in businesses, providing environmental solutions to communities, and the levers for implementing circular economy at scale. Read more...

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Also joining us at Powering the change from Veolia will be Preet Brar, Group General Manager, SA & NT

Carmel Dollisson, CEO, ANZRP (VIC)

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Carmel Dollisson is CEO of the Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform Limited (ANZRP), which operates the industry funded TechCollect TV & computer recycling program.

ANZRP focuses on responsible recycling to achieve sound environmental outcomes. 
At Powering the change, Carmel will share how her founding companies – including Canon, DELL, HP, Fuji-Xerox and IBM – are working together with councils, recyclers and other take-back programs to ensure at least 90% of the commodities recovered from the e-waste collected and dismantled across Australia are used as raw materials in the manufacture of new products.

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Carmel will be speaking at the session 'Catching up to demand: accelerating circular solutions for electronics'