Keep the conversation going - this Friday 24 Nov

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Missed speakers or topics in parallel sessions? Couldn't join us for the conference?

You have another opportunity to connect and participate on circular economy - this Friday and online!

Over 30 of our speakers at Powering the change to a circular economy took part in a conversation series recorded especially for the DIF. These snippets provide a glimpse into what the circular economy could look like in Australia, covering topics from entrepreneurial innovation, the bioeconomy, urban mining, water cycles, risk to industry 4.0 and more.
The 14 videos will be screened as part of DIF 2017 this Friday 24 November, and many of the presenters will be ready to answer your questions live.


How to access - no special equipment needed

Accessing the DIF is simple: all that’s needed is a computer or mobile and an internet connection. Create your My DIF account and be ready to chat with our speakers on Friday!

See the Powering the change playlist.

Register now and be ready to watch the DIF on Friday.

More than 200 hours of content will be streamed throughout the 3 weeks, including live studio discussions, animations, pre-recorded videos and roundtable debates with leading thinkers.

Keep in mind - the DIF is based in Europe, so times will be listed on the program as GMT. Our program starts at 23:00 hours Thur 23 Nov GMT - this is 9.30am Fri 24 Nov Adelaide time. (Check timezones here.)

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