Eurovisions: circular economy trends and initiatives




We’ll set the tone for the two days of our ground-breaking conference by zeroing in on what some of the leading organisations in Europe and the UK have achieved, and are achieving, in circular economy.

Be prepared to be engaged and inspired as we hear from leaders at AXA (Netherlands), London Waste and Recycling Board (UK), IBM (Netherlands) and VTT Technical Research Centre (Finland).

From advanced foresight and risk analysis; through to a circular economy ‘route map’ for one of the world’s largest and oldest cities; a history of circular approaches that date back to the 80s; and 75 years of supporting innovation at a national level, we’ll be mining the experience and achievements of our guests for learnings to help forge our own circular economy initiatives.

With lessons for local business and policy makers alike, we’ll hear how our northern counterparts have gained the momentum on circular economy, and what their advice is for overcoming the inevitable hurdles along the way.