Opening plenary address: the state of the circular economy

Casper Jorna, CE100 Program Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation (UNITED KINGDOM)




Circular economy has emerged as a major international trend over the last seven years – a model that enables business to create more value and which may just overcome some of the great environmental and social challenges of our time.

While the push toward a circular economy can now be seen in the boardrooms of leading global corporations; and in the policies of cities, regions and countries; one organisation has been key in this revolution - the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Through its work, the Foundation has painted a clear picture of how a circular economy could operate and evaluated European and global opportunities in financial terms.

No matter the sector, circular economy approaches have the potential to transform our operating environment. Those businesses, governments and research institutions that understand and respond to these shifts will be ahead of the game.

Casper Jorna spends much of his time travelling the world for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as their Circular Economy 100 (CE100) Program Lead, and speaking with organisations at the cutting edge of circular economy approaches. An innovation program that brings leading global organisations together to work towards circular economy, the CE100 hosts a number of global corporations as its members.

Casper will join us to outline what a circular economy looks like, and how it can benefit business. He will share why and how international powerhouses like Google, Danone and Unilever are implementing circular economy approaches and collaborating with emerging innovators, universities and governments, and give us an overview of the global circular economy landscape in 2017.