Beyond compliance: packaging for purpose and profit



wednesday 15 NOVEMBER 2017


Packaging has become a reputational hazard - over the past few decades becoming the focus of attention by regulators and environment groups concerned about environmental impacts in the form of waste and litter.

For most businesses, packaging is the key interface between their product and the consumer. It represents their brand while protecting the products inside. It is a cost factor for the business and quickly transforms into worthless waste once it has done its job.

But how can businesses shift packaging to more circular models of production and consumption – that save costs for business and create more brand value? And how can optimising the design of products and packaging together create even better solutions?

Andrew Sellick will address how fundamental packaging is to service delivery and share how Australia Post is rethinking product-packaging systems to reduce material costs while maintaining quality. A new reusable satchel is the latest development under trial with customers.

Tom Lunn will share how Detmold Packaging is engaging with their customers – including three of the world's largest food brands – on product-packaging design across different regions. They have also developed and entirely new 'I am eco' range using life cycle assessment.

Yoshie Obara will share how Jurlique engages with their supply chain and customers around packaging design, from materials to recyclability. Jurlique systematically uses streamlined life cycle assessment to inform their design and procurement process, coming up with high quality packaging designs that save money and contribute to Jurlique’s brand reputation, particularly in Asian and Australian markets.

Brooke Donnelly will share how the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is helping their 1000 Members – from multinationals to local small businesses across all industries – to design more effective product packaging systems through their Sustainable Packaging Guidelines.

Dr Helen Lewis will delve deeper into criteria in the new APCO reporting framework including KPIs and performance pathways, linking to circular economy principles and global standards.


Yoshie Obara, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Jurlique

Tom Lunn, Group General Manager Marketing and Innovation, Detmold Packaging

Andrew Sellick, Head of Environmental Sustainability, Australia Post

Brooke Donnelly, CEO, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO)

Dr Helen Lewis, Adjunct Professor, Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF)