Reshaping our built environment – part 2


wednesday 15 NOVEMBER 2017


From better reuse to rethinking how apartments could link in with the circular economy, what is the state of play in Australia – and what new projects will be the standard of tomorrow?

This panel session will explore the challenges of developing the collaborative partnerships that make it possible to do things differently.

Blake Lindley will be sharing his experience working with the Better Buildings Partnership with the City of Sydney, the NSW EPA and a collective of Australia’s largest property owners. This industry-led initiative resulted in a tripling of material recovery from the refurbishment of commercial office space over just three years. Blake will share how collaboration has been the key for capturing more of the waste stream, and also developing new materials and recycling systems – and he will also delve into the barriers of getting beyond resource recovery to more systemic solutions.

Paul Davy is behind an innovative zero carbon apartments project here in Adelaide, that includes biodiesel energy generators fuelled by re-processed kitchen fat recovered from Adelaide businesses and extensive use of timber including CLT. Paul will share the early learnings in building partnerships for a real-world circular economy project in the built environment, which will begin construction in 2018.

Dr David Ness will be sharing cutting edge research being conducted with Arup to develop a Cloud BIM Data Platform for the life cycle management and reuse of building components.


For more on the built environment, see the session Reshaping our built environment - part 1