Where to from here




At the end of two days of interaction between business, government and academia, this closing plenary will not only wrap up key learnings of the conference, but examine how to move forward as a community to shift Australia’s economy.

Amélie Rouvin will share insight from Veolia’s global experience as a key actor in the circular economy. Providing water, energy and waste related services for communities around the world, Veolia is working with their clients to better value resources – and has established clear financial objectives for increasing the number of circular economy projects. Amélie will be drawing upon this global experience to share how the circular economy could benefit Australia, and barriers to implementation can be removed.

Vaughan Levitzke will bring South Australia’s story as a leader in resource recovery and renewable energy. As Chief Executive of Green Industries SA, he is responsible for delivering strategic policy that enables better resource management and waste reduction through market interventions. These create incentives for infrastructure investment, commercialisation of innovation, market development, and improvements to recycling and waste services and systems. Vaughan will speak on the key areas and linkages that need to be developed further to enable a transition to a circular economy.

Jodie Bricout will sum up key findings of the Powering the change to a circular economy conference, and moderate a discussion with Vaughan and Amélie around the next steps here in Australia.