Advancing manufacturing: Industry 4.0 and the circular economy




We are on the cusp of vast shifts in manufacturing with the rise in the availability of data, emerging expertise in analytics and business intelligence capabilities, new forms of human machine-interaction, and advances such as robotics and 3D printing.

What does this mean for circular economy approaches? How can we harness the opportunity of ‘Industry 4.0’ to use the data and the advanced manufacturing approaches to value material inputs at their highest level? Can we use this technological and manufacturing shift to make savings that can contribute to lower business costs and potentially improved growth, and even job creation?

At this panel discussion, we’ll start with an overview of Industry 4.0, bring in relevant circular economy approaches, and hear real case studies on how this is being applied.

John Spoehr will speak on the intersection between Industry 4.0, billed in some circles as 'the next industrial revolution', and circular economy.

Jad Oseyran will explore how we can extract and integrate data from a range of sources to get the insights needed for strategic approaches on reuse. In this session, Jad will consider both business system data (such as BIM and maintenance systems) and journey data (internet of things) and manufacturing catalogues.