Jussi Manninen, Executive Vice President



Dr. Jussi Manninen is Executive Vice President at Finland’s national research powerhouse VTT.

Jussi is responsible for the business area of Solutions for Natural Resources and Environment. He moved to VTT from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland, where he oversaw the implementation of the Finnish Government’s key projects in the bioeconomy and cleantech sectors, as well as the Finnish bioeconomy strategy.

With over 2,400 personnel, VTT is one of the leading research and technology organisations in Europe.  They use their 75 years ofexperience to provide expert services for domestic and international customers and partners, from both private and public sectors. VTT is part of Finland's innovation system and operates under the mandate of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Previously Jussi worked at VTT for 15 years in research, development and innovation management in the fields of energy, the forest sector and the bioeconomy.

At Powering the change, Jussi will be sharing Finland’s perspective as a global leader in circular economy. In June 2017, 1,500 recognised experts and decision makers from 105 countries came together in Helsinki at the first ever World Circular Economy Forum. Finland has valued the growth potential of the circular economy at 2-3 billion Euros by 2030 - and they are investing to make this happen.


Jussi Manninen will be speaking at the session Eurovisions: circular economy trends and initiatives.