Spyros Kouvelis, Former Vice-Minister

Foreign Economic, Cultural and Environmental Affairs

Spyros Kouvelis was first elected Member of the Greek Parliament in 2007 as Shadow Minister of Environment, Energy, and Planning. Re-elected in 2009, he served as Vice Minister for Foreign Economic, Cultural, and Environmental Affairs from 2009 to 2011. His duties included economic and energy diplomacy, development co-operation and humanitarian assistance, and environmental and cultural diplomacy.

He is a passionate advocate for both the environment and business innovation, with positions including Senior Advisor to the Mediterranean Action Plan of the United Nations Environment Programme on Sustainable Development, President of the Greek Eurasian Business Council and Chief Senior Advisor with Truenique, a consulting company on international business development, new technologies and innovation, environmental and energy projects.

An entrepreneur, Spyros founded BabylonGardens.eu, a green roofs and green walls company, using cutting-edge, patented technologies for lightweight, water-saving products. In 2012 he established an all-volunteering campaign called 'Greeks Can!' showcasing the best examples for entrepreneurship, innovation, art, and quality, developed by Greeks.

Spyros has worked extensively with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) since 1991. He was Conservation Director from 1995 to 1997 and a member of the management team directing the organisation. Spyros was also a Member of the agriculture and European policy teams of WWF International, and chair of the WWF Mediterranean Team.

At Powering the change, Spyros will be sharing his experience in integrating the circular economy into national and regional policy measures to support economic development while pursuing sustainability objectives.


Spyros Kouvelis will be speaking at the sessions Eurovisions: circular economy trends and initiatives, Transforming territories: what the circular economy means for precincts, cities or regions and the Closing plenary: where to from here?