Dr Cécile Wendling, Group Head of Foresight


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As head of foresight at AXA, Cécile works on 'topics of tomorrow' - including assessing risks for, and insuring the circular economy, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, blockchain and smart cities.

AXA is a worldwide leader in financial services, operating in 64 countries and serving 107 million clients across the world, and has been ranked as the top global insurance brand by Interbrand for the eighth consecutive year.

In addition to her role at AXA, Cécile is also Associate Researcher at France’s elite Centre de sociologie des organisations Paris on the sociology of organisations, and is a member of the scientific board of FUTURIBLES think tank. Her main fields of research are sociology of risks, foresight tools and methods and crisis management.

Cécile's extensive experience in foresight, includes acting as a Rapporteur for the European Commission expert group on foresight modelling, and conducting foresight studies on the future of diseases, green economy and organic products for FUTURIBLES.

At Powering the change, Cécile will share her insights on developing new insurance policies to support risk management in a more circular economy.  These include consideration of emerging environmental and health risks of material reuse, the transition from insuring ownership to insuring usage, and insuring the second life of machines.


Cécile Wendling will be speaking at the sessions Risk and reward: understanding and managing new risks of circular economy models and Eurovisions: circular economy trends and initiatives.