Kim Tjoa, Co-founder


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Kim Tjoa co-founded B2B sharing marketplace FLOOW2 World’s Reset Button in 2012. He is responsible for strategy and business development and is a leader in development for the sharing economy.

Kim’s inspiration for leading FLOOW2 is his passion for the sharing economy, based on trust and collaboration.

The FLOOW2 online sharing platform is used in eight countries allowing companies, hospitals, schools and others, to share equipment, services, and the skills and knowledge of personnel. By reallocating overcapacity, users can create new revenue, reduce costs, build their network and support a local, sustainable economy. Collaboration, integrity, flexibility and transparency are at the heart of FLOOW2 and are reflected in its platform and service.

Previously, Kim worked in the legal sector, graduating from the University of Amsterdam in Dutch and international law in 1991 and working in the legal profession for a decade between 1994 and 2004.

At Powering the change, Kim Tjoa will discuss his experience enabling businesses to share resources using his online sharing platform FLOOW2.


Kim Tjoa will be speaking at the session Rethinking value with circular business models.