Karen Gomez, Chief Executive

PaintBack (Vic)

Karen Gomez leads Paintback, an industry-led initiative designed to divert unwanted paint and packaging from landfills and vital waterways.

As part of this initiative, she works with leading brands such as Dulux, Solver and Wattle to find innovative ways to repurpose the paint industry’s end-of-life product.

Karen is an experienced product stewardship leader, building on a career as a senior executive operating nationally and internationally in sectors such as manufacturing, telecommunications, motor club services and finance.

Prior to joining Paintback, Karen was the inaugural CEO of Agstewardship Australia, which was established to provide strategic overview and fund rural chemical stewardship programs. She also served on the Federal Government’s Product Stewardship Advisory Group.

At Powering the change, Karen will share how PaintBack brings together industry competitors to find solutions that work at scale in Australia that benefit every member company.