Tom Lunn, Group General Manager Marketing and Innovation


Tom Lunn leads a team at Detmold that is commercialising new packaging technologies and designs, working with brands like McDonalds in the USA, Starbucks in China, Jollibee in the Philippines and Qantas in Australia.

Founded in 1948, the Detmold Group encompasses seven factories and more than 20 sales offices throughout Australia, Asia, South Africa, the Middle East, America and Europe.

Most recently, the Detmold innovation team developed a recycling solution for disposable coffee cups, a challenge that’s defeated many companies in today’s marketplace.

Tom combines a strategic marketing focus and rapid adoption of emerging digital technologies in optimising the customer experience, advance brands and support sales growth. Tom is focussed on sustainability in business, and has helped customers to reduce the environmental footprint of hundreds of products, leading to savings of thousands of tonnes of raw material each year and diverting millions of used items from landfill to be recycled for other uses.

At Powering the change, Tom will share insights and some of the challenges in implementing circular solutions, such as Detmold’s coffee cup recycling system, when it involves shifting entire value chains